The Sun: The Perfect Analogy for God

"Turn your face to the Sun and the shadows fall behind you.” ☀️🌅 This quote really resonated with me as I read it this morning! It is so true - especially when it’s starting to get colder here, the moment you feel the sun’s rays warming you up, it’s as if the cold never existed! … Continue reading The Sun: The Perfect Analogy for God


Lent: Pray, Fast, Give

I think this picture really encapsulates the spirit of Lent. Why do we fast? To feel miserable and humble ourselves? Or maybe to empathise with the less fortunate? Why do we pray? To grow closer to God? To remember those who are suffering? Or for God to fulfil our selfish needs and desires? Prayer and … Continue reading Lent: Pray, Fast, Give

An Epidemic of Convenience and Spelt as the Most Healing Grain!

Josh: “Got any spare?” Me: “Of course!” (Actually I just always cook extra to eat over the next few days 😆) Josh: “That’s the healthiest meal I’ve had in a LONG time!” I could only smile and say it’s my pleasure. 😕 I wanted to say more but didn’t know if it was my place … Continue reading An Epidemic of Convenience and Spelt as the Most Healing Grain!

What’s Your Mission?

It helps to have a ‘why’ or a Mission in life. Let this guide every thought, every word, every action and decision you make throughout your day. Was inspired to write this and put it up this morning as a constant reminder of why I’m doing what I do. Have you thought about your own … Continue reading What’s Your Mission?

The Most Malevolent Nightmare

Its 545am and I have just woken up, still a little tired, but never in my life have I been so afraid to fall back asleep!  I have just had 2 consecutive dreams (nightmares would be the better word). Both extremely vivid and both almost the same dream and in the same setting. It was … Continue reading The Most Malevolent Nightmare

A Miraculous Shadow in Church!?

As the title of this post suggests, this morning during my Rosary, I must confess that I was pretty preoccupied and distracted with this 'spiralling shadow' from the ceiling of the church to the little candle beside Mother Mary. I think I have noticed it before on other days but did not give it much … Continue reading A Miraculous Shadow in Church!?

Roses, Flowery Scents in Church and a Feather Up My Nose!

On Ash Wednesday last week, I decided to attend Morning Mass at 7am as it was the only timing that fit my schedule. At the same time, I decided to go for the Eucharistic Adoration which happens before that at 530am. My experience that morning touched me so deeply that I've been waking up at … Continue reading Roses, Flowery Scents in Church and a Feather Up My Nose!