Home Cooking Strategies for Fast, Delicious and Nutritious Meals

Suffering from an arthritic related autoimmune disorder for 3 years taught me a lot about how food impacts our health. This got me experimenting with so many diets that basically required me to cook all of my meals. These days I continue to cook most of my meals because it is still cheaper and much … Continue reading Home Cooking Strategies for Fast, Delicious and Nutritious Meals


On Death

A recent friend’s passing left my heart in shock at its total unexpectedness and untimely timing. Reflecting and learning, I can only say that we have to keep death in perspective, every hour of every day. To live our lives more lovingly, spread joy and positivity, pursue passions and dreams and leave this world a … Continue reading On Death

Dessert Treat: Korean Rice Cakes!

Discovered this when I went wondering into a Korean supermarket the other day! So good I had to exercise control and savour it for dessert over 3 nights. Gluten free and vegan, I guess it's relatively healthier than other treats only the colouring was questionable and the styrofoam and shrink wrap packaging isn't exactly going … Continue reading Dessert Treat: Korean Rice Cakes!

Kumara Dessert Balls!

For some reason, I felt like making a kumara (sweet potato) based dish for a potluck recently. After pondering on what to make for a few days, this idea popped into my mind. It's really simple but can be a little time consuming so be warned! 🙂 Ingredients 3 kumaras (3 different types - red, … Continue reading Kumara Dessert Balls!

To-Do List Hack!

To be honest, I've never been very successful at using To-Do lists. Partly because I write them down and then don't check them enough which eventually leads to me forgetting about them! However, I've recently discovered a To-Do List Hack that helps me get the list checked ✔ This comes in the form of the Reminders … Continue reading To-Do List Hack!

Kia Ora

This common Māori greeting has so many meanings. Initially I though it was just “Hi”, “Hello”, “Cheers” or “G’day!”. 👋🏻 Now I’ve found out it also means: - to live - have life - be well - be healthy - shine on (@ednotmed 😉) “Ora“ = Life and “Kia” is a future tense particle, meaning … Continue reading Kia Ora

When Kombucha is as good as Wine!

2 weeks ago, our Lavender Blackcurrant flavored Kombucha was one of the 6 locally crafted artisanal beverages featured in a food and beverage pairing event called the Imbibe Tribe. Essentially, this event was like a gathering of foodies and local craft beverage companies to taste and enjoy the food pairings as well as share knowledge … Continue reading When Kombucha is as good as Wine!