Naturopathic Doctor Follow Up

15th Apr 2017

This post details my 2nd visit with Dr. Kamat, 3 weeks after the first consultation.

Prior to this, I had an appointment with my rheumatologist at SGH. From the blood work, my ESR level was 22 mm/hr which he said wasn’t as high as he’d expected since I was experiencing considerable pain in my right ankle joint and plantar fascia. (I’m limping again 😥 ) After examining my foot, he noted that there wasn’t much swelling too.

Apparently my efforts with the AIP (day 96) and the natural supplements I’ve been taking from Dr. Kamat (day 22) must be doing something to slow down the progression of the disease (day 63 without Humira)! I also enquired about my diagnosis again and he assured me its probably peripheral Spondyloarthritis instead of Ankylosing Spondylosis which is a subset of Spondyloarthritis. Spondyloarthritis is more like an umbrella term for these forms of arthritis that affect the spine and in some people (like me) the joints of the arms and legs.

My rheumatologist suggested I try Methotrexate, a type of chemotherapy drug and Prednisolone a corticosteroid. I’ve heard and read about the numerous side effects these drug could bring and was very hesitant. Thus I made the early appointment with Dr. Kamat to seek a second opinion.


Vitamin D

Previously she wanted me to test for vitamin D levels as vitamin D is a very powerful anti-inflammatory. The results were in and my vitamin D level was 32.5 ng/mL. Apparently that was low by Dr. Kamat’s standards. She prefers her patients to be in the high range (70-100 ng/mL).

She was also very concerned that my pain had gone up since the last visit, particularly since I was taking the Curcumax Pro which she was sure would help with the pain.

After I mentioned my ESR levels, she was a little ticked off that my rheumatologist didn’t measure my C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels which are a more accurate measure of inflammation.

She asked if my uric acid levels had ever been measured as she suspected I might be having gout too. I told her a few previous doctors had suspected that as well and I was tested negative for gout.

Following this, she checked me for amalgam fillings (I only have 2) and asked if I had any history of heavy metal exposure such as welding work in the army. I guess its another trigger of autoimmune disease she was suspecting. She believes something is causing my body to produce abnormal amounts of inflammation and still can’t figure out what. More importantly, she concluded that I was experiencing another flareup and that we had to do something drastic to bring the inflammation down … fast!


  1. Immediately go on a 3 day juice fast drinking only a type of juice she prescribed (details in a following post!)
  2. Instead of Curcumax Pro, she gave me the strongest curcumin supplement available – Theracurmin HP, 2 tab, twice daily
  3. A tincture she made to help modulate the immune system: 1 tbsp, 4x/day mixed with water/juice
    This one tastes both bitter and herbishly spicy and I always need at least a cup of water to drink this with haha.
  4. A liquid form of Vitamin D: 10 drops/day for 3 weeks followed by 7 drops/day.
    1 drop contains 1000 I.Us
  5. Continue with the probiotics, GI Repair, Fish oil and Magnesium (glycinate).

The following post will detail the juice recipe Dr. Kamat prescribed for me plus my experience on the 3-day juice fast!

Update: You can find the juice recipe and 3-Day juice fast post here!


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