Autoimmune Healing Diet: Part 1 – Overview

Autoimmune Healing Diet cover

Are you suffering from an autoimmune disorder? Or do you know someone who does? 

Instead of being subjected to drugs that just treat the symptoms for the rest of your life, have you (or them) considered changing your diets to help heal yourself naturally – the way nature intended?

Contrary to what most specialists and conventional doctors will tell you, I’m living proof of the power of nutrition in autoimmune disorders. 

Since 2015, I have been researching and experimenting with my diet and am proud to say that currently, I’m 99% symptom free and maintaining this purely with a nutrient dense, whole foods (mostly plant based) diet and lifestyle interventions.

Yes, no medications or supplements! Au naturale. πŸ˜‰

This series of posts are meant to help anyone with an autoimmune disorder (or any chronic disease for that matter like diabetes or obesity) tackle the daunting challenge of changing one’s diet, especially if its your first time, or if you have seen a naturopath who has given you a long list of foods that you have to avoid. 


Here is an overview of my Autoimmune Healing Diet plan:

Look forward to in-depth details to come in the following parts of this series!

  1. A Green Foundation – Much more veggies than any other food category. These provide all the nutrients you need to recover and is fundamental to a healthy diet.Β 
  2. As little animal products as possible – especially in the first few weeks. I have found that going vegan helped reduce my inflammation most significantly.Β 
  3. Home cooking is best! Essential especially in the early stages of trying to heal.Β 
  4. Eating according to your ancestry and geneticsΒ – especially whether to follow diet trends like low carb or not
  5. Listening to your hunger and body
  6. Eliminating or replacing “convenience junk food” with healthier alternatives
  7. Finding healthier options for oils, spices and flavors
  8. WhenΒ EatingΒ Out
  9. Cheat days?

Stay natural


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