I started this blog to share my personal experiences battling an autoimmune disease. 

At 22, I did not want to take pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of my life. They merely treated my symptoms and did nothing to treat the root cause. I was convinced there were other ways… natural ways. 

I researched and experimentation on dietary and lifestyle changes. That helped me get somewhat better but never solved the root cause of it. 

Eventually after 3 years, Naturopathy and Herbal medicine healed me in 3 months!

Today, I continue to be pain and medication free 🙂 

My ordeals have helped me empathize with people suffering from chronic pain and diseases. I also realized the limitations of conventional medicine. 

So much that I decided to take up a degree in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine

This journey has revealed to me my mission in life – to help the chronically ill and promote wellness through natural medicine and prevention. 

I continue to write and share what I’m learning and experimenting with in my free time. 

My views and opinions are constantly evolving depending on recent experiences, research and developments. I would also encourage you to be a critical thinker and exercise positive skepticism. Take everything with a pinch of salt (celtic sea salt is best 😉) and do your own research and experimentation.

If you wish to support this blog, any donation in kind is greatly appreciated.

Also, always consult your trusted, qualified and hopefully holistic healthcare professional before implementing any changes to your diet/lifestyle/medication/treatment. See the Legal Page for more.

I sincerely hope this blog inspires you to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Your health is your greatest wealth
Jahn Tang

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