The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions

Meet Robin Sharma.

This inspirational speaker and writer is my latest philosophical “Life Teacher”.

Every since I stumbled onto his podcast, I have learnt a new life lesson on self-mastery almost every time I listen to one of his podcast episodes. To me, they are so valuable that I limit myself to one episode per day so that I take the time to digest, incorporate and apply the lessons learnt in my daily life.

I often find myself stopping during my daily commute to write down quotes and lessons that have impacted me profoundly. Additionally, I am often so inspired by the episode that I google the title and read the entire transcript of the episode on his Tumbler site. To take things further, I usually feel compelled to share the precious wisdom on social media and through this blog. That is how profound and life-changing his mastery sessions are!

Believe me, you have to listen to one to truly understand what I’m writing about.

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