Carnivore Diet Experiment Part 2: What I Ate

After a year of research and months of deliberation, I finally mustered up the courage to try the Carnivore Diet for 40 days. (see part 1 for more information on this diet) The goal was to test the claims I’ve read – primarily how health promoting and healing such a diet can be, especially for … Continue reading Carnivore Diet Experiment Part 2: What I Ate

Dengue Fever: A simple and natural Treatment

At a glance: Papaya leaves have been traditionally used to treat DengueSeveral studies have demonstrated its efficacy in dengue treatment, primarily improving platelet count from dengue induced thrombocytopeniaAs little as 50g of fresh papaya leaves, crushed/squeezed to extract the juice and drunk once a day for 3 days was enough to produce significant effects, along … Continue reading Dengue Fever: A simple and natural Treatment

Carnivore Diet: What? Why?

At a glance: Many people have recovered from chronic diseases like autoimmunity through a well-formulated nose-to-tail carnivore diet Animal foods offer the most nutrition because they do not have the nutrient inhibitors and chemical defenses of plants Scurvy from a lack of vitamin C is unlikely if fresh, not preserved, meat is consumed At the … Continue reading Carnivore Diet: What? Why?

Bore Yourself

For when you create boredom, mindfulness awaits. Recently I’ve realized how distracted our life has become. The influence of social media, personal messaging platforms, TV, etc, all threaten to consume every moment of our waking hours. This results in constant distraction where we are always searching for the next mini “dopamine hit”. In retaliation, I … Continue reading Bore Yourself

Things I Tell Myself

Things I Tell Myself The following are short phrases that I constantly tell myself throughout my days for various reasons. Some for correcting cognitive dissonance, biases and prevent bad decision making, especially when I know I'm not thinking clearly! Some to remind me of lessons learnt and prevent old mistakes. Some purely philosophical and rooted … Continue reading Things I Tell Myself

What is a Naturopathic Wellness Plan?

WELLNESS PLAN Having just submitted my final and biggest assignment of the year, I thought I'd share a post about it. This is my first Wellness Plan and probably took me well over 20 hours to write with 54 references and over 8500 words! I really enjoyed doing this assignment and found myself subconsciously thinking … Continue reading What is a Naturopathic Wellness Plan?

Toxins in our Favourite Beverages

We all love our coffee and teas don't we? Some so much that it could be consider a sacred religious routine not to be missed in their daily lives. However what no coffee or tea company will tell you are the toxins and anti-nutrients? Yesterday in our Herbal Medicine class, I came across something interesting … Continue reading Toxins in our Favourite Beverages