AUTOIMMUNE ARSENAL: Antimicrobial + Antifungal Medication for Gut Dysbiosis

This is the first of a series of posts related to autoimmune disease and the 'weapons' we have against it. Hence the title Autoimmune Arsenal ;). There are numerous theories on the causes of autoimmune diseases from genetic predisposition to increased chemical use in the environment, drugs, emotional stress, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, 'Leaky Gut', [...]


Naturopathic Doctor Follow Up

15th Apr 2017 This post details my 2nd visit with Dr. Kamat, 3 weeks after the first consultation. Prior to this, I had an appointment with my rheumatologist at SGH. From the blood work, my ESR level was 22 mm/hr which he said wasn't as high as he'd expected since I was experiencing considerable pain in [...]

Consulting a Naturopathic Doctor for the 1st Time

25th Mar 2017 Its been 42 days since my 8th Humira injection and I am starting to feel the effects wearing off. Particularly in my right ankle joint and plantar fascia where the pain has been slowly building up these past few days. Today is also day 77 on the AIP protocol and I'm pretty sure the [...]

HUMIRA: The Miracle That Wasn’t

I once thought this was a miracle cure for my autoimmune problems. One jab and the pain in my joints would go away so fast that I'd forget about them in a few days! Sadly it's not. With each dose I'm starting to feel some unintended side effects like redness, swelling and itching that spreads [...]