Carnivore Diet Experiment Part 2: What I Ate

After a year of research and months of deliberation, I finally mustered up the courage to try the Carnivore Diet for 40 days. (see part 1 for more information on this diet) The goal was to test the claims I’ve read – primarily how health promoting and healing such a diet can be, especially for … Continue reading Carnivore Diet Experiment Part 2: What I Ate

Carnivore Diet: What? Why?

At a glance: Many people have recovered from chronic diseases like autoimmunity through a well-formulated nose-to-tail carnivore diet Animal foods offer the most nutrition because they do not have the nutrient inhibitors and chemical defenses of plants Scurvy from a lack of vitamin C is unlikely if fresh, not preserved, meat is consumed At the … Continue reading Carnivore Diet: What? Why?