Gymnastics Rings: Beginner Flow 2

This is the second basic flow I've learnt on the rings. Pretty tough at first to do a few consecutively, especially when my palms get sweaty. I've learnt the trick is to keep the rings close and tight.  Benefits of a Ring Flow Greater muscular 'time under tension' - because you are transitioning from one [...]


Gymnastics Rings: Beginner Flow 1

Phase 3 (week 10 onwards) of the GMB Rings 1 program starts us on some basic Rings Flows! These are a combination of movements done sequentially without breaks.  Benefits Increases muscular 'time under tension' Stimulates greater neuromuscular coordination More volume done in less time - more time efficient than doing reps! Overall more FUN than [...]

Gymnastics Rings: The Baby Muscle Up!

Many of us struggle with Muscle Up progressions, especially on the rings. Sure with a bar you can swing your way up over the bar but with rings, it's not as easy to 'kip' while maintaining the false grip. Enter the BABY MUSCLE UP. I learned this during phase 2 of the Gold Medal Bodies [...]

5 Tips to Achieving the Tuck-to-Tuck Shoulder Stand

I first learned this exercise when I started the Gold Medal Bodies Rings 1 Phase 1 level B program. And I gotta say it's one of the hardest exercises I've learnt to date! I still can't do more than 5 reps in a row and am still working on form but its improving with practice! [...]

Training Cycles: How Often To Train?

Over the past few years I've been putting a lot of thought into this topic and experimented with a number of options. How many days should I train before resting? How many days should I rest? How strict should I be with my planned training cycle? In this post, I will list a few of [...]

Handstand Progress! 

Finally after 7 weeks, I've progressed to the 2nd Handstand  exercise of the Gymnastics Bodies Handstand 1 program 💪🏻😁 Holding the Tripod (left) for 5x60s was actually pretty tough! I was stuck at that step for a couple of weeks but I'm glad I didn't rush things! I think the patience helped me build up [...]

Rest Days: Just ‘Hanging Out’!

What do you do on REST days like Sunday...? I just 'hang out'. 😉 Love the spinal decompression from hanging upside down after a workout! More seriously though, besides spending hours on schoolwork, I also try to find time to go to the nearby park to meditate and get grounded, get some naps in, help [...]