Recounting The 2016 Malaysia Hurricane Heat 4 Hrs

On 8th October 2016, 58 brave Spartans took part in an endurance event which would test their mental fortitude, camaraderie and grit for a total duration of 4 hours. Unlike a regular Spartan Race, Hurricane Heaters are placed in teams and then assigned to complete various tasks according to the Krypteia's (Hurricane Heat Leaders) plans. This [...]


How To Prepare For An Obstacle Course Race: Gear & Nutrition

Its that time of the year again- Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) championship season. The time where the best OCR athletes from all corners of the globe assemble and compete against each other, all vying to be crowned the best athlete male or female Obstacle Racer. This year's Spartan Race World Championships will be going down this [...]

Race Report: Spartan World Championships 2015

Date: Oct 3, 2015 Distance: 14+ Miles / ~23 km Obstacles: 30+ Terrain: Sierra Nevada Mountains Avg. temperature: High 87°F (30°C), Low 56°F (13°C) Elevation: 6,200. A vertical gain of 2,850 ft. makes the total elevation 9,050 feet Results Time - 04:48:47 Male - 235th of 252 Overall - 340th of 420 Summary Although it's only my 3rd Spartan Race, [...]

Race Report: Spartan Race Hawaii 2015

 Race overview  Race type: Super Distance: 8-10 Miles (13-16km) Obstacles: Creek run Rolling mud hills Barb crawl Cargo net climb 8-Foot (2.4m) wall Tire Pull* Tree Crawl Shepherds Ladder 7-Foot (2.1m) wall Reverse wall climb Bucket carry* Monkey bars Traverse walls Sandbag carry Atlas carry* Long barb crawl* Rope climb (~20ft / 6m)*** Spear throw* [...]