Gymnastics Rings: Beginner Flow 2

This is the second basic flow I've learnt on the rings. Pretty tough at first to do a few consecutively, especially when my palms get sweaty. I've learnt the trick is to keep the rings close and tight.  Benefits of a Ring Flow Greater muscular 'time under tension' - because you are transitioning from one [...]


Gymnastics Rings: Beginner Flow 1

Phase 3 (week 10 onwards) of the GMB Rings 1 program starts us on some basic Rings Flows! These are a combination of movements done sequentially without breaks.  Benefits Increases muscular 'time under tension' Stimulates greater neuromuscular coordination More volume done in less time - more time efficient than doing reps! Overall more FUN than [...]

Gymnastics Rings: The Baby Muscle Up!

Many of us struggle with Muscle Up progressions, especially on the rings. Sure with a bar you can swing your way up over the bar but with rings, it's not as easy to 'kip' while maintaining the false grip. Enter the BABY MUSCLE UP. I learned this during phase 2 of the Gold Medal Bodies [...]

5 Tips to Achieving the Tuck-to-Tuck Shoulder Stand

I first learned this exercise when I started the Gold Medal Bodies Rings 1 Phase 1 level B program. And I gotta say it's one of the hardest exercises I've learnt to date! I still can't do more than 5 reps in a row and am still working on form but its improving with practice! [...]

Beginner Rings Exercise Tutorial 3: The Plank

DESCRIPTION + BENEFITS Another one of the fundamentals to master, the plank builds strength primarily in your core and secondarily in the muscles of your shoulder girdle. It is also good for conditioning the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints and is a great regression from the Support Hold if you still have difficulties with that. [...]

Beginner Rings Exercise Tutorial 2: L-Sit (Holds & Reps)

DESCRIPTION After getting confident in your basic rings support hold (i.e. Your hands stop shaking! 😂), you can start playing around with exercises that build on the support hold. One such exercise is the L-Sit. It is an amazing exercise for building on your shoulder stability while engaging and developing phenomenal strength in your core [...]

Beginner Rings Exercise Tutorial 1: Rings Support Hold

DESCRIPTION One of the most fundamental position/exercise to practice, the Support Hold forms the foundation of numerous other exercises like Dips or L-Sits. Thus it is crucial to practice this often, and especially so when beginning to play on the rings! INSTRUCTIONS 1. Start by setting the rings at waist height (Don't follow the video [...]