Quick Meals: Avocado Peanut butter toast!

One of my favourite toast spreads these days! Smashed an avocado A tablespoon (or two!) of your favorite peanut butter! 1 tsp cacao and cinnamon powder Gluten free toast Spread and savor!    


Home Cooking Strategies for Fast, Delicious and Nutritious Meals

Suffering from an arthritic related autoimmune disorder for 3 years taught me a lot about how food impacts our health. This got me experimenting with so many diets that basically required me to cook all of my meals. These days I continue to cook most of my meals because it is still cheaper and much … Continue reading Home Cooking Strategies for Fast, Delicious and Nutritious Meals

Dessert Treat: Korean Rice Cakes!

Discovered this when I went wondering into a Korean supermarket the other day! So good I had to exercise control and savour it for dessert over 3 nights. Gluten free and vegan, I guess it's relatively healthier than other treats only the colouring was questionable and the styrofoam and shrink wrap packaging isn't exactly going … Continue reading Dessert Treat: Korean Rice Cakes!

Kumara Dessert Balls!

For some reason, I felt like making a kumara (sweet potato) based dish for a potluck recently. After pondering on what to make for a few days, this idea popped into my mind. It's really simple but can be a little time consuming so be warned! 🙂 Ingredients 3 kumaras (3 different types - red, … Continue reading Kumara Dessert Balls!

When Kombucha is as good as Wine!

2 weeks ago, our Lavender Blackcurrant flavored Kombucha was one of the 6 locally crafted artisanal beverages featured in a food and beverage pairing event called the Imbibe Tribe. Essentially, this event was like a gathering of foodies and local craft beverage companies to taste and enjoy the food pairings as well as share knowledge … Continue reading When Kombucha is as good as Wine!

Celebrating Onam with a 20-item Sadhya (Banana Leaf Meal) @ Saffron’s

For the past 2 Saturdays, my Indian gym buddy and I celebrated the festival of Onam at Saffron's Fine Indian Cuisine (ponsonby) where a special once-a-year vegetarian Sadhya meal was being served. Sadhya means banquet in Malayalam and this was literally a vegetarian feast! Held once a year, Onam or Harvest Festival, is the state festival of Kerela, which so happens to … Continue reading Celebrating Onam with a 20-item Sadhya (Banana Leaf Meal) @ Saffron’s

Batching your Cooking to Save Time!

Batch cooking is a great way to for anyone and everyone looking to eat more healthy home cooked meals and save time in the process. What's batch cooking? Well basically it's cooking a LOT at one go and storing them in the fridge. Ideally, this should last you several meals over the following days. Its … Continue reading Batching your Cooking to Save Time!