Tea Shopping!

Found a new brand ofย Herbal Tea to add to this little Tea Corner of mine! Currently trying out new flavours to drink at night like these. Got this idea from the meal plans in The Wahls Protocol book where every dinner is accompanied by a different cup of herbal tea to detox and sleep better. … Continue reading Tea Shopping!


Tea Spotlight: Pu-Erh Tea!

Looking outside my window through a pot of Pu-Erh tea. Wish it was mountains and lush forests instead of this concrete jungle haha. Side note, why is everything refracted upside down?? PU-ERH TEA FACTS! 1. Hailing from China's Yunnan province, their cost can range from inexpensive to thousands of $$$! This is because Pu-Erh tea … Continue reading Tea Spotlight: Pu-Erh Tea!