Race Report: Spartan World Championships 2015

Date: Oct 3, 2015 Distance: 14+ Miles / ~23 km Obstacles: 30+ Terrain: Sierra Nevada Mountains Avg. temperature: High 87°F (30°C), Low 56°F (13°C) Elevation: 6,200. A vertical gain of 2,850 ft. makes the total elevation 9,050 feet Results Time - 04:48:47 Male - 235th of 252 Overall - 340th of 420 Summary Although it's only my 3rd Spartan Race, [...]


Race Report: Spartan Race Hawaii 2015

 Race overview  Race type: Super Distance: 8-10 Miles (13-16km) Obstacles: Creek run Rolling mud hills Barb crawl Cargo net climb 8-Foot (2.4m) wall Tire Pull* Tree Crawl Shepherds Ladder 7-Foot (2.1m) wall Reverse wall climb Bucket carry* Monkey bars Traverse walls Sandbag carry Atlas carry* Long barb crawl* Rope climb (~20ft / 6m)*** Spear throw* [...]