A Miraculous Shadow in Church!?

As the title of this post suggests, this morning during my Rosary, I must confess that I was pretty preoccupied and distracted with this 'spiralling shadow' from the ceiling of the church to the little candle beside Mother Mary. I think I have noticed it before on other days but did not give it much … Continue reading A Miraculous Shadow in Church!?


Roses, Flowery Scents in Church and a Feather Up My Nose!

On Ash Wednesday last week, I decided to attend Morning Mass at 7am as it was the only timing that fit my schedule. At the same time, I decided to go for the Eucharistic Adoration which happens before that at 530am. My experience that morning touched me so deeply that I've been waking up at … Continue reading Roses, Flowery Scents in Church and a Feather Up My Nose!

The Warmest Church Welcome!

Yesterday on my way to the bank, I chanced upon a church as I followed the path Google Maps was leading me on - Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It so happened that this particular church was the one I had been planning to visit this weekend for mass! That night, as I went online to … Continue reading The Warmest Church Welcome!

Finding A Prayer Closet in My Room!

For awhile now I’ve been wondering why there is this small space in the corner of my room next to the window. There is nothing there except an empty shelf, lots of cobwebs and daddy-longlegs 🕷! Then this morning after I prayed the rosary beside my bed, divine inspiration struck and I think God told … Continue reading Finding A Prayer Closet in My Room!

“Man O Man!”

I received this beautiful and absolutely brilliant joke/chain message from my Godbrother Felix this morning and felt the need to share it with everyone I know! Not sure who wrote this but he/she must have had a really good sense of humor and simplistic, yet deep, view of the world. Man O Man! When without … Continue reading “Man O Man!”

Into The Great Unknown!

My dad and his ‘Shuai’ pose! 😂 This is probably our last photo together for the next year at least as I am about to embark on 3 years of studies in New Zealand. Yet, like an old and 'lagging' internet connection, I’m still trying to catch up and come to terms with all that … Continue reading Into The Great Unknown!

My Spiritual Dream

Something random I wrote the other day! 😂