W7D5 – Strength Endurance

Hours of Sleep: 7.5 (2230 - 0600) Sleep quality: 10/10 HRV: 76 (+8) Notes: Slept so well that I didn't wake up at all. Pretty sore all over this morning. Today shall be an easy day, tmr will be a rest day and Sunday I shall race. AROO!  0700 - Endurance (Aerobic)  Cycling  Distance: 10+ … Continue reading W7D5 – Strength Endurance

W7D2 – Endurance (Aerobic + Strength) 

Hours of sleep: 2 (2330~0130)Sleep quality: 9/10 HRV: 65 😱😱😱 Notes: Back to some more good quality biohacked sleep! Slept so well and woke up naturally at 0130am. This gave me so much productive time to catch up on blogging, YouTube-ing, instagramming and face booking! In other words, I feel like I'm extending my life … Continue reading W7D2 – Endurance (Aerobic + Strength) 

W6D6 – Sports Specific Training

(Backdated Post: 8 Aug 2015) Hours of Sleep: 3.5 (0030-0400) Sleep quality: 9/10 HRV: 81 Notes: Fell asleep b4 finishing my rosary again. Woke up with a tight right lower back because I slept the whole time on one side. But it was better after some OSM. Will have to remember not to do that … Continue reading W6D6 – Sports Specific Training