Hill Sprints: One of the Most Efficient Workouts

Found a new spot for hill sprints the other day! β›°πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ This takes me about 2 mins but it’s so steep that I’m unable to sprint all the way up. (I end up power walking the last bit) 😝 I believe sprinting is an important part of a balanced fitness plan. As important as strength … Continue reading Hill Sprints: One of the Most Efficient Workouts


Lessons from a Nutritionist (Part 2)

The following are what I learnt from my consultation with John Lynn, Nutritionist at Healthystars SG. I have yet to validate some of these forΒ relevance and truth but most of them make sense and so I have begun implementing them in daily life. Β  Advice on... 1. Consuming Chemicals Next he started highlighting all the … Continue reading Lessons from a Nutritionist (Part 2)

W3D3 – Aerobic

Swimming 45mins AsManyLapsAsPossible (AMLAP) *stopping only to check HR every 5 laps 31 laps alternating between Freestyle (5 strokes 1 breath) and Breaststroke (5-3 strokes one breath) HR: 160-180 Intensity: 70-80% Great aerobic session done in a fasted state. Intensity was low enough to work on technique but still garner a good cardiovascular response. Still … Continue reading W3D3 – Aerobic