“The Healing Power of Nature” (Naturopathic Principle 2)

This post covers the 2nd Naturopathic Principle. What is "Vis Medicatrix Naturae"? and how do Naturopaths apply this in practice? It's a short post but I hope its informative. Peace, Love & Health J.T.

1. “FIRST, DO NO HARM” (Naturopathic Principle 1)

This next series of posts will focus on the 7 Naturopathic Principles. We start is a Principle anyway? Followed by a description of the first one which all doctors know by heart - "First, Do No Harm" or "Primum non nocere". What does this mean? And finally, how is it implemented in naturopathic practice? Read on to find out! Love, Peach and Health J.T.

Naturopathic Philosophies: VITALISM and HOLISM

The last post gave a broad "Overview of the Naturopathic Profession." This one will cover the 2 core Naturopathic philosophies. Before we dig into the Naturopathic philosophies, what exactly is a philosophy anyway? (Meaning of philosophy from a quick google search) In this instance, the 2nd meaning is more applicable. (highlighted in the picture) Therefore, … Continue reading Naturopathic Philosophies: VITALISM and HOLISM

Overview of the Naturopathic Profession

After the previous post about "What is Naturopathy?", I thought of diving straight into the philosophies at the core of Naturopathic practice worldwide. However, I reconsidered and thought that a short post about a broad overview of our profession might be better. Kind of like a Table of Contents before diving straight into the 'book'. … Continue reading Overview of the Naturopathic Profession

Coltsfoot Tea and Marshmallow Extract for Persistent Dry Cough

When I was a kid, I had childhood asthma and the doctors were always quick to prescribe cough syrups and inhalers. Although these were strong, quick and effective remedies, over the years, I realized that they may have weakened my bronchial structures (air passages). As a result, every time I caught a cough, it would … Continue reading Coltsfoot Tea and Marshmallow Extract for Persistent Dry Cough

New Fasting Protocol: Purging, Lemon Juice and Spelt Broth!

"THE BEST OF ALL MEDICINES IS RESTING AND FASTING." - BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Through some combination of divine intervention and listening to my gut, I recently started seeing another naturopath and Singapore's only Medical Herbalist, Dr. Sebastian Liew. I even bought his book! More details about the journey leading up to this another time. After hearing about my condition, my … Continue reading New Fasting Protocol: Purging, Lemon Juice and Spelt Broth!

My Story (June 2017)

Story of my autoimmune battles the last 6 months. Not giving up on this war!