W9D2 – Missed the bus! :)

"The STRUGGLE you're in today is developing the STRENGTH you need for tomorrow."  - Robert Tew 9AM - Missed the bus!!! Aerobic Endurance: Cycling Distance: 11miles (+1 Mile uphill to Cycle home) Time: 55mins Notes: Had a hard time dragging myself up this morning because I was sore and exhausted hence I decided to skip this morning's training. However, … Continue reading W9D2 – Missed the bus! 🙂

W7D5 – Strength Endurance

Hours of Sleep: 7.5 (2230 - 0600) Sleep quality: 10/10 HRV: 76 (+8) Notes: Slept so well that I didn't wake up at all. Pretty sore all over this morning. Today shall be an easy day, tmr will be a rest day and Sunday I shall race. AROO!  0700 - Endurance (Aerobic)  Cycling  Distance: 10+ … Continue reading W7D5 – Strength Endurance

W7D4- Power Endurance

Sleep Hours: ~9 (2215 - 0720) Sleep Quality: 10/10 HRV: 70 Notes: Longest and deepest sleep so far since arriving in Arizona. Did not wake up at all. It rained quite heavily last night though. That could have made a difference. However, my body still feels pretty beat up! Today the Sweetbeat app says my … Continue reading W7D4- Power Endurance

W7D3 – Endurance (Aerobic + Strength)

Sleep hours: 6 (2330 - 0530) Sleep Quality: 6/10 HRV: 68 (-2) Notes: woke up 3 times in the night. At 0130, 430 and 530. Hence the 6/10 sleep quality. Could have stayed awake but I continued lying still and fell back asleep pretty fast so I'm not that worried. Should try to sleep earlier though. … Continue reading W7D3 – Endurance (Aerobic + Strength)