Autoimmune Healing Diet: Part 2 – A Green Foundation

I used to hate eating veggies when I was a kid! Apart from carrots and bean sprouts, everything else tasted so horrible that my mother had to chop them up real fine and mix it with other dishes like porridge or eggs before I would consume it. These days I probably eat more veggies than … Continue reading Autoimmune Healing Diet: Part 2 – A Green Foundation


Healthy Snack: Korean Rice Cake β€œMuesli”

  You gotta hand it to the Koreans to come up with something like this! I'd been holding back the temptation to get a treat for myself for the past few days but when I saw this I just could not resist.Β πŸ˜‹ It was a sticky but delectable blend of glutinous rice, beans, nuts, seeds, … Continue reading Healthy Snack: Korean Rice Cake β€œMuesli”

Dessert Treat: Korean Rice Cakes!

Discovered this when I went wondering into a Korean supermarket the other day! So good I had to exercise control and savour it for dessert over 3 nights. Gluten free and vegan, I guess it's relatively healthier than other treats only the colouring was questionable and the styrofoam and shrink wrap packaging isn't exactly going … Continue reading Dessert Treat: Korean Rice Cakes!

Last Egg Dish and Going Full Vegan

My pro-Chef Sister calls this β€œhipster cafe” worthy.. πŸ€™πŸ» This commemorates my full #vegan transition as my last free range egg went into this bowl of raw sprouted beans and olive oil with chipotle spices, paprika and salt.   Soft boiled, on top of sourdough bread, some sprouts and herbs, every bite was mmmmhhmm. #nomoreeggs! … Continue reading Last Egg Dish and Going Full Vegan

A Perfect Winter Curry-Rice Pot! πŸ²

Chanced upon @tildarice ’s flavoured basmati rice sachets and was inspired to cook this tonight! 1 pkt Coconut Chilli Lemongrass Basmati Rice Coconut cream 2 tsp curry powder Lemongrass Squash, carrots, cauliflower, onions, green & purple kale, garlic and salt to taste! Wanted to post this while eating but it was so good I just … Continue reading A Perfect Winter Curry-Rice Pot! πŸ²

Feijoa Bowl to Commemorate Autumn

This is a Feijoa-licious dish to celebrate the end of Autumn and the Feijoa season! πŸ‚ Before arriving in New Zealand, I had never heard of or tasted a Feijoa. Now I’ve fallen in love with them from the very first bite! πŸ˜‹ I even started enjoying them with the skin on! It’s where most … Continue reading Feijoa Bowl to Commemorate Autumn