AUTOIMMUNE ARSENAL: Antimicrobial + Antifungal Medication for Gut Dysbiosis

This is the first of a series of posts related to autoimmune disease and the 'weapons' we have against it. Hence the title Autoimmune Arsenal ;). There are numerous theories on the causes of autoimmune diseases from genetic predisposition to increased chemical use in the environment, drugs, emotional stress, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, 'Leaky Gut', [...]


3-Day Juice Fast + Juice Recipe!

This is the juice recipe Dr. Kamat prescribed for me on the spot. It makes roughly 1 cup and I was told to drink as many as I needed during the day, up to 5-6 times. Ingredients (organic as much as possible): Kale - 2 stalks (use baby spinach if no kale) Celery - 2 [...]

Naturopathic Doctor Follow Up

15th Apr 2017 This post details my 2nd visit with Dr. Kamat, 3 weeks after the first consultation. Prior to this, I had an appointment with my rheumatologist at SGH. From the blood work, my ESR level was 22 mm/hr which he said wasn't as high as he'd expected since I was experiencing considerable pain in [...]