Random Exercise Idea: Wall Hamstring Curls!

Woke up, looked at the wall and had a Eureka moment. Wall Hamstring Curls!!! 💪🏻Get as close to the wall as possible 💪🏻Prop Feet up 💪🏻Imagine using your heels to pull your butt towards your ankles 💪🏻Try single leg curls for extra challenge! Some people have an imbalance in strength between their Quadriceps(front of thigh) … Continue reading Random Exercise Idea: Wall Hamstring Curls!

W6D2 – Strength 

Hours of sleep: 7.5 Sleep quality: 7/10 HRV: 78 Notes: Woke up at 3am but felt lazy and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 7am but this time had the unpleasant feeling of having slept too much. AM: Yoga + SMR 1. Man Flow Yoga Flow Session 4 Reflection: Another awesome yoga workout. … Continue reading W6D2 – Strength 

W5D7 – Active Rest 

(Made some changes to the way I write training logs to include more data and better formatting for easier reference. Hope this is for the better!) Hours of sleep: 3.5 (23:00 ~ 02:30) HRV: 70 Reflection: For some reason I felt fully rested after waking up at 2:22 AM. I tried going back to sleep … Continue reading W5D7 – Active Rest 

W5D2 – Strength

AM 1. Learning to Run again 5' Brisk Walking 6 x 45" Jogging 45" Walking 2 x 1' Jogging 1' Walking Reflection: Started out on the concrete track but felt the impact was too much so I shifted to the grass beside the track. Some minor pains in my ankle and knee but ignored that … Continue reading W5D2 – Strength

W4D3 – Strength & Met Con

Weights / Gym Finish one exercise then move on, rest as long as needed. (Reps in brackets) Jefferson Deadlift, 60kg (6L-7R-10L-6R) Dips, body weight (8-8-9-12-14) Front racked Squats, 40kg (6-7-8-8) Weighted pull-ups, 10kg (bodyweight:26, 5-6-6) Met Con Workout  Circuit workout with no rest! 3 sets of 1min per exercise: Alternate medicine ball archer push-ups Seated … Continue reading W4D3 – Strength & Met Con

W3D6 – Strength

CALISTHENICS/KETTLEBELL  WU: 750m loaded carry with 16kg kettlebell + dynamic swinging 2 sets AMRAP (Reps in brackets) circuit-style with minimal rest between exercises:  Kettlebell swing (50, 50) Pushups (20, 20) Jumping lunges (20, 20,) Reclined rows (20, 20,) Leg lifts (10, 10) Consecutive Mountain climbers to elbow + followed by alternate elbow (10+5, 20) Calf … Continue reading W3D6 – Strength

W1D1 (27.06.2015)

Week 1 Day 1 - Strength Day 3 sets of As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP), done in a circuit 1. Inclined push-ups with knee on the floor (~10) 2. Reclined body-weight rows (10~12) 3. Pull-ups (1) 4. Standing Calf Raisers (~10) 5. Walking Lunges (15~20) 6. Hanging Leg lifts (~5) 7. Hanging oblique knee raise … Continue reading W1D1 (27.06.2015)