W5D3 – Lactate Threshold 

AM Woke up feeling like a fully decked out double decker London bus had hit me haha. So I took the morning off. PM  Swimming  6 x 200m / 20 sec rest Targeted Pace: 2'03" / 100m (from last week's Lactate Threshold / CSS test) Average time per 200m: 4'09" CD: Full body yoga-style stretching … Continue reading W5D3 – Lactate Threshold 

W4D4- Anaerobic 

Swimming 20 x 50m sprint. Rest as long as I took to sprint the lap so 100% rest. Alternate between freestyle and breaststroke Highest HR measured: 192 Reflection: Initially planned to do 30 but my system felt tired to begin with. Then I was having second thoughts after 10 laps because my energy was almost drained. … Continue reading W4D4- Anaerobic