Training Log: 2015 W27 / 2016W1

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.” ~ A.J.Materi Monday 28th Dec 2015 Sleep: 2130-0800, 8hrs Quality: 6/10 - couldn't sleep for the first few hours.. Think it's because I took a 2hr nap in the afternoon. Hotspots: right foot, right low back … Continue reading Training Log: 2015 W27 / 2016W1

Training Log: Week 22

"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'M POSSIBLE" - Audrey Hepburn Monday Readiness to train:  HRV: 79(-6) Sleep: 8hrs (2300-0700) Quality: 10/10 730am - Hill Runs  Warmup & cooldown: 15mins easy jog 4 x hill run repeats Rest the down hills Ave time up: 3’30 1215pm - strength  1max set each Heavybagwork Handstand push-ups (HSPU) … Continue reading Training Log: Week 22

Training log: Week 12-19

It has been a long while since I posted any of these so this is a continuation from the past training log posts. Glad I continued to keep notes on these on my phone. Week 12 Kettlebell Thursday 9am - Swim 400-600m freestyle 10 Burpees 10 reclined rows 10 jumping lunges 10 jumping side-lunges Repeat … Continue reading Training log: Week 12-19

W8D4 – Strength + Aerobic 

"Good things come to those who sweat." 1730 Strength Circuit - 4 sets AMRAPS - Minimal rest between stations or sets 1. Weighted alternate grips pull-ups: 12.5kg/27.5lb 2. Weighted dips: 12.5kg/27.5lb 3. Rotational lunges: 20kg 4. Battle ropes: front & sides Will be making a YouTube video of this workout! Check out my channel @ … Continue reading W8D4 – Strength + Aerobic 

W3D1 – Anaerobic

SWIMMING WarmUp (WU) - 2 laps easy 6 x 100m / 1-2' rest - 90% Cool Down (CD) - as long as you want 🙂 Freestyle one lap, breaststroke one lap. Freestyle was done about 1breath every 5 strokes and 1 breath every 3 strokes for breaststroke. Swim like a shark is chasing you! Heart … Continue reading W3D1 – Anaerobic