Autoimmune Healing Diet: Part 2 – A Green Foundation

I used to hate eating veggies when I was a kid! Apart from carrots and bean sprouts, everything else tasted so horrible that my mother had to chop them up real fine and mix it with other dishes like porridge or eggs before I would consume it. These days I probably eat more veggies than … Continue reading Autoimmune Healing Diet: Part 2 – A Green Foundation


The Wise Traditions Diet

Dietary experiments, opinions, recommendations and advice for everyone! (not just those with autoimmunity)

Tea Shopping!

Found a new brand ofΒ Herbal Tea to add to this little Tea Corner of mine! Currently trying out new flavours to drink at night like these. Got this idea from the meal plans in The Wahls Protocol book where every dinner is accompanied by a different cup of herbal tea to detox and sleep better. … Continue reading Tea Shopping!